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What we propose?

CG Import Export Barcelona is a consultancy located in Barcelona (Spain), with connections in São Paulo, Goiás and Minas Gerais, Brazil. We are a team of experts prepared to support small and medium enterprises, whose focus is to import and export products.

Our communication channels are facilitators, since there is knowledge that can be applied to their demands and thus provide the expected result in the short term.

We have a distribution network already established in several markets in Europe, Brazil and Asia, highlighting Spain, Italy, Brazil and China).

These are some doubts that generally arise in the process of foreign trade. We are here to answer:

  • Can I export my product or service?
  • To what markets?
  • What barriers to entry exist? (Includes the study of possible homologations and entrance fees in the target market).
  • What changes should be made in the marketing mix (price, product, distribution and promotion) to be successful in the internationalization process?

What do we do?

We develop the Internationalization Plan for the products and / or services of your company. This plan consists of:

  • Analysis of the products and services of your company, in order to determine those that are viable for export.
  • Conducting a market study, choosing the countries with the greatest commercial interest and selecting the most appropriate sales channels for the company’s products.
  • Identification of direct competitors and analysis of their marketing policy.
  • Adaptation of the characteristics and image of the products to those of the local market.
  • Advice on labels and packaging. If necessary, we can make the necessary adaptations in the packaging and labelling of the product before distribution.
  • Analysis of all export and import costs: documentation procedures at customs, tariffs, means of transport.
  • Development of a distribution network for its products: strategic business alliances, agents, commission agents, importers, local partners, B2B distributors, market places. Management of the distribution of the products through the channels that we have already established in the target market.
  • Making commercial offers and sending samples. Price quote to verify the viability of the business.
  • Selection of the safest means of payment. Management of documentary credits, letters of credit, etc …
  • Design and management of the after-sales service.

For whom?

Small and medium enterprises and individual entrepreneurs.

  • Industrialized food and beverages made from artisanal process
  • Commodities
  • Fashion
  • Cosmetics
  • Technology
  • Crafts